Global Jewish Advocacy for a Younger Generation

ACCESS, AJC's Young Leadership Program, prepares the next generation of Jewish leaders to engage the key issues facing the global Jewish community. ACCESS empowers young Jewish activists to shape the conversation on today's critical domestic and international issues by reaching out to diplomats, opinion makers, and young leaders of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.
At ACCESS we believe a younger generation is increasingly shaping public opinion and policy around the world and that it is vital that Jewish voices participate in the conversation. We equip young Jewish leaders to stand at the forefront of this engagement and to be global agents of change.

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We have seen the future, and it looks Orthodox

Lawrence GrossmanThe stark differences the AJC survey finds between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews today go far beyond varying patterns of religious observance, and suggest the profound social, political and ideological changes that may lie ahead.

A Betrayal of America's Soul

David HarrisForthe United States ? a country of immigrants and their descendants ? September5, 2017, marked a betrayal of the nation?s soul.

What Should We Make Of Netanyahu's Upcoming Visit to Latin America?

DINA_SIEGEL_VANNFor the first time since the founding of the Jewish state in May 1948, its sitting prime minister will visit the region.

What?s past is prologue: a Jewish reflection on Charlottesville

Noam MaransSomething has changed with Charlottesville. American baby boomers like me, and certainly our children and grandchildren, have had little or no direct experience with anti-Semitism.

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ACCESS is a division of AJC's Helen and Martin Kimmel Young Leadership Institute.

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